Questions and Answers

How to send a money transfer?

1. Click “Send money


2. Tell us where and who you’re sending to


  • Choose country and city you want to send money to
  • Fill in recipient’s first name and last name
  • Depending on the chosen receiving country we may ask to fill in the additional recipient details. That is a requirement of local legislation and/or local provider.
  • Click “Next”


3. Tell us how much you want to send


  • Select the receiving currency and enter the specific amount for the recipient to receive
  • Click “Get total”
  • We will calculate the cost of your transfer and show you the exact amount to be charged
  • Click “Next”


4. Identify yourself


  • Enter your first name, last name, birthday, ID number and phone number
  • Click “Send verification code”
  • Enter 4-digit verification code sent to your phone number
  • Click “Next”


5. Pay for your transfer


  • Review your transfer details and click “Next”
  • Enter your credit card number, expiration date and CVV code
  • Enter your ID number
  • Press “Pay”
  • Depending on transfer amount, you may be asked to enter 5-digit security code sent you by SMS


6. Get the control number


  • Once the payment is complete you will see the transfer control number
  • Send this transfer control number to the recipient


That’s it! You have successfully made your money transfer with MoneySend.

How to receive a money transfer?

In what currency can I send a money transfer?

You can send USD and EUR to all countries of our coverage. Besides that, for some countries you  can nominate your money transfer in local currency. When you start your transfer and select your destination country, you will see the list of available currencies.


Your card will be charged in shekels using mid-market currency exchange rate.

In what currency my money transfer will be paid?

If your money transfer is nominated in USD or EUR, it can be paid to the recipient in the currency that you have selected, or converted to the local currency, depending on destination country laws and rules of particular bank. If your money transfer is paid to recipient’s bank card*, it will be converted into local currency at the exchange rate of the bank that issued recipient’s card.


* Payout to bank cards is available in BelarusBulgariaChinaEstonia, KyrgyzstanLithuaniaMoldovaRussia, TajikistanUkraine and Uzbekistan.

How much does it cost to transfer money?

Commission fee is 1.5%. Minimal fee is $5. Before you pay for your transfer, you will see the calculation: amount to receive, currency conversion rate, commission fee and total amount in shekels to be charged.

What is the currency exchange rate?

We use the realtime currency exchange rate from independent sources. Before you submit your transfer, we will calculate the amount in shekels using a real-time currency exchange quote, the fee, and the total amount of money to be charged. This exchange rate stays fixed after your complete your transaction to guarantee that your recipient will receive the exact amount promised. We have no hidden fees. Your credit card will be charged the exact amount of money that you see on the screen.

I made a mistake in receiver's name. Can I fix it?

Yes. You can call us if you made a minor mistake in receiver’s name, and we will fix it.


If you want to change receiver’s name completely, you will need to visit our office with your ID.

Can I cancel or reverse my money transfer?

You can cancel your money transfer before it was paid to the receiver. If you need to do this, just call our office.


A money transfer cannot be cancelled after it was paid to the receiver.

Can I send money to the country that is not listed?

Online money transfers are supported only for listed countries. However, more countries are available in our offices. Please call us to check if your destination is available offline. Besides that, we are adding new countries for online money transfers on a regular basis. Please like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram to stay updated.

How much money can I send?

Single money transfer amount is limited to 5,000 shekels.

Daily limit for one sender is 10,000 shekels.