About us

MoneySend is a new instant money transfer service that allows to send money online from Israel abroad in minutes. Money can be picked up in cash in 50+ countries in Europe, Asia and Africa, paid to bank cards in China, Russia, and Ukraine, or to bank accounts in Europe, including Ukraine.


No more complicated forms to complete, no more bank account numbers. No longer need to come to money transfer agent to send cash.  You don’t even need to know your receiver’s card number. All you need to know is the receiver’s full name.


MoneySend is developed and supported by Albercom Ltd. Founded in 1996, Albercom was one of the first companies in Israel to start providing services in foreign currency transfer and exchange. Now we present the first online card-to-cash service in Israel that allows you to send money to your loved ones instantly, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Doesn’t matter if your recipient’s bank card is lost or blocked. All that’s needed to receive a money transfer is a passport and a transaction number sent by SMS.

We has been awarded the prestigious Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Mark, which is a seal of approval designed to reflect the high level of credibility and financial strength of the company. The Credibility Mark is granted to only 3% of the companies in the Israeli market. It assures not only the strength, both financially and commercially but also the high quality of valuable people which are employed in Albercom Ltd. and the high profile of the company.

Branches in Israel


MZ Change Partner
Ben Yair 35/4
phone: 089974562
weekdays: 9-18
friday: 9-12

Bat Yam

Imperial Change Partner
Bat Yam, Balfour 37
phone: 03-5099977
weekdays: 8-19
friday: 8-14

Imperial Change Partner
Bat Yam, Rothschild 25
phone: 03-5066311
weekdays: 8-19
friday: 8-14

Bujunashvili Change Partner
Bat Yam, Rothschild 31
weekdays: 7-20
friday: 7-16

Be'er Ya'akov

Mastercash Change Partner
Beer Yakov, Sha Nes 17
phone: 03-5103101
weekdays: 9-20
friday: 9-15


Carmiel Partner
Carmiel, 2, Hagalil St.
phone: 04-9984040
weekdays: 9-18
friday: 9-15


Swift Change Partner
Haifa, Nordau 5
phone: 04-864-41-11
weekdays: 9-18
friday: 9-14

Swift Change Partner
Haifa, Grand Canyon, 3rd floor
phone: 04-8229988
weekdays: 10-17
friday: 10-13

Swift Change Partner
Haifa, Herzl 46
phone: 04-8663330
weekdays: 9-17
friday: 9-13

Swift Change Partner
Haifa, Sderot Istadrut 55
phone: 04-8100040
weekdays: 10-17
friday: 10-13

Swift Change Partner
Haifa, Herzl 9
phone: 04-8640724
weekdays: 9-17
friday: 9-13


Hadera Partner
Hadera, Herbert Samuel 70
phone: 04-6228999
weekdays: 07:30 – 20:30
friday: 07:30 – 15:30


Holon Albercom
Holon,  Kugel St. 27
phone: 03-6516596
weekdays: 8-18
friday: 8-15

Antares Partner
Holon, Shenkar St. 63
phone: 07-22337731
weekdays: 9-20
friday: 9-15

Aharon Holon
Sokolov 29
phone: 03-5038079
weekdays: 9-19
friday: 9-15

Tal Change Partner
Holon, Sokolov St. 82
phone: 03-5050818
weekdays:  9 -19
friday:  9 – 14

Domani Change
Holon, Shenkar 47
phone: 035031213
weekdays: 9 – 19
friday: 9 – 15


Lod, Kikar Komando 22
phone: 08-9153334
weekdays: 9-20


Besandilov Yosef Change Partner
Netanya, Gordon 1
phone: 09-7712421
weekdays: 9 – 20
friday: 9 – 15

Petah Tikva

Center Change Partner
Petah Tikva, Hagana 14
phone: 03-9131819
weekdays: 9-20
friday: 9-15

Center Change Chane Partner
Petah Tikva, Haim Ozer 13
phone: 03-9041870
weekdays: 9-20
friday: 9-15

Ramat Gan

Branch  Partner
Ramat-Gan, 50, Bialik St.
phone: 03-6704304
weekdays: 9-21
friday: 9-15


D&D Change Partner
Teler 21
phone: 0773451115
weekdays:  9-19
friday: 9-14

Rishon LeZion

Mastercash Change Partner
Rishon le Zion, Rotshild 58
phone: 03-6777736
weekdays: 8-20
friday: 9-15

Tel Aviv

Migdal Or Albercom
Tel-Aviv, 1, Ben Yehuda St.
phone: 03-5103301
weekdays: 9-18
friday: 9-15

Rabin Albercom
Tel-Aviv, 8, Rabin Sq.
phone: 03-6968693
weekdays: 9-18
friday: 9-15


Our partnerships with leading global instant money transfer systems let us offer an easy, fast and secure way to transfer money abroad in minutes, from anywhere in Israel, 24/7.