Terms & Conditions

Our company, Albercom Ltd. 512329186, whose address is at 1 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv, is authorized by the Ministry of Finance of Israel and provides its services under the license providing currency and legal services.


This site is designed to provide online services for the purchasing of foreign currency by credit card and sending it abroad,  according to the list of destination countries. The use of the credit card is the responsibility of the user in accordance with the Payment Cards Law, 1986.


The service involves customer identification according to the requirements of the system and is limited in amounts, according with the sole discretion of the company.


Our company may refuse to provide services at any stage and without any reason. In addition, our company may define additional requirements to its customers, at its discretion. Please note that the service is subject to the Anti Money Laundering Law, 2000 and the regulations under this Law.